Specialties: Yogatease is a sensual yoga and dance practice yoga that focuses on feminine empowerment through the incorporation of the YogaTease Power Circle: Breathing, Meditation/Visualization, Movement and Sound, Sensuality, and Celebration. In addition to the fundamental principals of the practice, mind and body, yogatease incorporates an exertion of the eros. Yoga has always kindled the feminine beauty and strength of a woman. Yogatease aims to fan these flames, embracing the vibrancy of the woman's inherent sensuality. Established in 2015. New classic discipline of Yoga, created and trademarked by Julie Marie Trombetta. YogaTease combines yoga and dance, connecting sensuality, spirituality, meditation and feminine empowerment together. Yogatease group classes, private classes, workshops, excursions, and Pop-ups available. For information, email [email protected]. Yogatease.com


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